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Complaints arrangement

Do you have a complaint? Tell us about it.

How do we deal with complaints in our practice? What can you do if you're not satisfied with something? Read on to find out more about our complaints procedure.

Tell us what is bothering you
It is important that you feel comfortable with your midwife. Because being pregnant is an exciting period in itself. This is the reason that we do our best to care for you and your baby. Are there any questions bothering you? Doubts? Is there something you're not satisfied with? Tell us about it. Preferably as soon as possible, but even if you've had this feeling for some time. Then we can discuss it together and we can try to solve it as quickly as possible. Perhaps we can clear up a misunderstanding. Or put your mind at rest. Or treat you in a way that you feel more at ease.

We are always willing to make an appointment to talk

It can happen that we don't have time just at the moment when you want to discuss something with us. That can be annoying. But we hope you will understand.  We can't always plan our work: births can upset everyone's plans. But we are always willing to make a separate appointment for you. Then we can take time to talk.
If you find it difficult to talk to us, you can always bring someone you trust with you to this appointment.

Complaints officer
Do you want to know more about your rights or do you need advice? Or do you want to discuss your complaint first with somebody else? Or would you like to have help to file a complaint. In this case you can contact the complaints officer.
The complaints officers are impartial. They will discuss with you what you are unsatisfied about and what you would like to accomplish with your complaint. They advice you about what you can do. They will help you to talk to us if you find it difficult to do so yourself. Or they can help you write a letter about your complaint.
The complaints officer can help you and us to find a solution together. Everything you tell the complaints officer is confidential.

Contacting the complaints officer
Our practice is affiliated with CBKZ (Centraal Bureau Klachtenmanagement in de Zorg).
We try, together with the complaints officer, to handle the complaint within six weeks. Within this period you will get a reply from us about what we did with your complaint.

Submit a complaint with the KNOV dispute committee
If, even with mediation from the complaints officer, we cannot work out our differences, you can submit your complaint to the Dispute Committee of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Organisatie voor Verloskundigen (KNOV) [Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwifes]. This Dispute Committee will examine and decide whether your complaint is founded. If it is, the committee will make a binding decision.



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Office hours

Our office hours are from monday till friday, also in the evening.
We can make ultrasounds at our own practice.

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