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Visit Midwifery Practice Eindhoven for a fun-ultrasound

And for that first special meeting with your baby

Are you pregnant? First of all congratulations! This is the start of a special time and of course you want to meet your unborn child as soon as possible. At our midwifery practice in Eindhoven you can make an appointment for a beautiful fun-ultrasound in 2D or 3D/4D as well as for an ultrasound to determine the gender of the baby. This way you can already admire your baby during the pregnancy and look forward to all the beauty that is coming.


Record your pregnancy with a fun-ultrasound

A fun-ultrasound is an ultrasound without a medical reason and at your own expense. Often it is a magical moment; you can hear the heartbeat of the baby, you can see your baby move and, with a little luck, you can even see your baby yawn. At Midwifery Practice Eindhoven you can choose between 3 kinds of fun-ultrasounds: a gender-reveal-ultrasound, an ultrasound in 2D or a fun-ultrasound in 3D/4D. All ultrasounds come with expert commentary and of course you will receive all the digital images of your baby.

Types of ultrasounds: 2D-fun-ultrasound

During a 2D-ultrasound you will see the baby in black and white images. This ultrasound can be done from 13 weeks and throughout the remainder of your pregnancy. However, after 34 weeks, this is not recommended because by then the baby will have moved into the pelvic area.

2D ultrasound extensive
Fee: € 65, including digital images
Duration: 30 min.
Possible throughout the pregnancy

2D ultrasound short
Fee: € 45, including digital images
Duration: 15 min.
Possible throughout the pregnancy, for example for reassurance

Types of ultrasounds: 3D/4D-fun-ultrasound

A 3D-ultrasound is made from several 2D-images. In the final stationary image you can see, for example, the shape of the face of your baby. With a 4D-ultrasound we can make moving images of the baby. The best period for a 3D/4D-fun-ultrasound is around 28 weeks. Unfortunately, the amount of amniotic fluid, the thickness of the abdominal tissue and the position of the baby can cause variations in the quality of the images. If it is not possible to make clear images, then you can come back to our practice in Eindhoven to try again for free.

Fee: € 90, including digital images
Duration: 30 min.
Possible from 15 weeks (best images between 22 and 34 weeks )

Fun-ultrasound gender reveal at our practice in Eindhoven

Are you also curious about the gender of your baby? And you can’t wait until the 20-week ultrasound to find out if you are going to have a boy or a girl? Then make an appointment at our practice in Eindhoven for a gender reveal ultrasound. This is possible from 15 weeks. If during this first fun-ultrasound the gender of the baby is not completely clear, you can come back for free again.

Fee: € 35, including digital images
Duration: 15 min.
Possible from 15 weeks

General conditions

For all reservations and proceedings the following general conditions apply. All clients need to read these conditions and agree with them.

An appointment can be made by telephone or by email. The appointment is confirmed by email. The appointment is final after the confirmation by email.  

In general
The ultrasound gives the opportunity to look at the baby during the pregnancy. We won’t look for potential abnormalities and the ultrasound cannot be seen as a medical test. If despite this, the ultrasound technician suspects an abnormality, she reserves the right, after discussing this with the parent(s), to report this to the obstetric caregiver.
Besides this exception, the ultrasound technician is bound to medical confidentiality.

The succes of a fun ultrasound depends, amongst other things, on the position of the baby and the quality of the images of the ultrasound. This cannot always be influenced by the ultrasound technician.
If the gender of the baby can not be determined or the 3D/4D images cannot be obtained during the first appointment, there is the possibility of returning once free of charge.
The ultrasound technician cannot be held accountable for undiagnosed birth defects of the child or a wrongful determination of the gender.

Despite years of scientific research, no adverse effects have been found due to the use of ultrasound equipment. The ultrasound technician cannot be held responsible for long-term effects.

Doing an ultrasound is the choice of every individual client and by making an appointment the client agrees with the general conditions.

Canceling the appointment
An appointment needs to be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. When an appointment is canceled on time, there will be no charges. When an appointment is not canceled on time, or a client fails to appear for the appointment, the whole amount needs to be paid. In case of technical difficulties a new appointment is made as soon as possible.

Payment by card or in cash.

Midwifery Practice Eindhoven and the ultrasound technician cannot be held responsible for any damage or harm, due to whatever cause, to clients during the ultrasound. Furthermore, no liability is accepted for expenses made by the client or compensation.

Gift certificate for a fun-ultrasound in Eindhoven

Of course, as a proud partner, grandparent or friend you empathize with the pregnancy. And maybe you are still looking for a great gift to celebrate that. A gift certificate for a fun-ultrasound will be a big hit. You can choose the amount of the gift certificate yourself and give the expecting parents a beautiful memory. The gift certificate can be picked up at our practice in Eindhoven or we can send it to you for a small additional fee.

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This is why you choose Midwifery Practice Eindhoven

At our comfortably decorated practice in Eindhoven you will quickly feel at home and at ease. Our certified and experienced ultrasound technician Yvonne Leenaerts will take her time for you, answers all of your questions about the fun-ultrasound  and your baby and uses the most modern and advanced ultrasound equipment. Is it more convenient for you or your partner to come in the evening or in the weekend? No problem! There are no extra costs involved.
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