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  • Miscarriage


Generally, you can wait for the spontaneous end of the miscarriage. The miscarriage will usually start a few days after the initial blood loss. Sometimes it takes longer, even weeks.

Advantages of waiting;

  • It provides a spontaneous miscarriage with a more natural path.
  • The grief can be experienced at home.
  • Possible complications as a result of curettage can be avoided.

Disadvantages of waiting;

  • It can be emotionally tasking. Discuss with us how long you want to wait.
  • Sometimes people find it scary to experience a spontaneous miscarriage at home.
  • As a result of a large amount of blood loss, pain or an incomplete miscarriage it might still be necessary to resort to curettage.


The practice can be reached 24 hours a day by calling 06-28069584
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