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    Waitingroom location SGE Meerhoven

    Starting from the 15th of January we will use waitingroom 2 at our location at SGE Meerhoven.
    This waitingroom gives more privacy and older children can not reach the stairs so easily.

    Information Meeting Breastfeeding

    Starting in March 2018, Zuidzorg will organize information meetings on the topic Breastfeeding.
    You can register on their website.

    Data for 2018:
    26-03, 03-04, 31-05, 25-06, 23-08, 24-09, 20-10, 26-11, 20-12

    Midwives at Midwifery Practice Eindhoven

    Geertje and Janneke are the regular midwives at Midwifery Practice Eindhoven. Besides them Angelique and Nikki have been working in the practice as their substitutes for the last few years.

    Because of the growth of our practice it is not possible anymore for Angelique to combine her work with us with her job as a teacher at the Academy for Midwifery. This is why she has decided to stop working as a substitute. Her last day in our practice will be on the 31st of december 2017.
    We want to thank Angelique for all of her hard work and the loving care for our clients. We will miss her as a colleague.

    We have found good replacement for Angelique in the person of Anne Montulet. Anne already works with us for the sick leave of Janneke and she will stay working as a substitute (together with Nikki) when Janneke returns. 

    Centering Pregnancy

    In january 2017 we started a new way of pregnancy-check-ups: Centering Pregnancy!

    CenteringPregnancy® is an exciting way for women and their families to get prenatal care. Women spend more time with their health care provider and with other pregnant women, which gives them a chance to learn a lot more about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Check-ups, support, and education all take place in a group setting.
    In every appointment with your midwife you will have 2 hours to ask all your questions and discuss your concerns. You will do this together with a group of women whose due dates are close to yours. You will learn from your midwife and from each others. You will have an opportunity to share stories, topics that are important to you and discuss all the things you are going through physically and emotionally. In the meantime you are building a community of women which will make the support continue long after your baby is born. 
    For more information you can visit the website from Centering Pregnancy.
    If you are interested in this form of prenatal care, then please ask us for more information.

    New: fun-ultrasound

    During your pregnancy several medical ultrasounds will be performed. However, a lot of pregnant women (and their loved ones) like looking at their baby a few extra times. That is why (starting september 2016) you can also make an appointment for a fun-ultrasound!

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    The practice can be reached 24 hours a day by calling 06-28069584
    Verloskundige praktijk Kinderrijk Meerhoven

    SGE Meerhoven
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    5658 LP Eindhoven

    Midwifery practice Eindhoven
    SGE International
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    Office hours

    Our office hours are from monday till friday, also in the evening.
    We can make ultrasounds at our own practice.

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